PopRoX in the community

We love to play and are always looking for venues and events to play at. Its a great opportunity to give the children live experience. We do it for free and if needed we can bring all musical equipment and sound system. So if you are holding a charity event, school fete etc. Please get in contact.

Busking in Woking town centre

PopRoX Busking in Woking Town Centre

Horsell Junior School

Students of PopRoX are invited to play the Horsell Junior School leaver ball.


Horsell Junior Leavers Ball

Horsell Junior Leavers Ball

Horsell Rocks

Students helped to raise over £750 for Horsell Junior School.

A gig was organised at the school and friends and family were invited to watch the kids in action. It was packed and everyone had a fantastic time. The event went smoothly and all the students performed amazingly.


Phoenix Cultural Centre

Students were invited to play at the Band Stand in Woking town centre.

We had a great half hour slot where 3 bands got to strut their stuff on stage. We gathered a crown and it was all in aid of supporting the new Phoenix Cultural Centre, a venue where local musicians can play and socialise in Woking town centre. Again the students rocked their socks off and gave another superb performance.


Our Big Gig

PopRoX was invited to play at a music event organised by the Phoenix Cultural centre in Woking. And we played again on the Woking Band Stand which is now located in Woking park next to the leisure centre.


Band Stand - Woking Park

Students in Action

Peacocks Centre Woking

PopRoX have been invited to play on Dec 12th 2013 with an hours slot 4.30 to 5.30pm. Again for charity.


Peacocks Woking Town Ctr

Charity Event

Horsell Village Christmas Fair

PopRoX has been invited to play on December 6th 2013 5.15-6.15pm , again for charity.


Horsell Christmas Fair

A bit of Bryan Adams

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